The Rise of Skywalker Planets

Hello and welcome to the Sandcrawler Blog Planet Series. The Rise of Skywalker introduced some beautiful new plants, so I am excited to take a closer look at these. Now, just sit back and enjoy your ride in the Sandcrawler. Ajan Kloss Ajan Kloss is the first planet that we see in the rise of […]

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Disney Hiatus: What’s Next?

The Rise of Skywalker is about a month away from being released and it will be the final installment to the Skywalker Saga that George Lucas created back in 1977. The film will also be the last Disney Star Wars film for a few years. What will be next for Disney? The Game of Thrones […]

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How Palpatine Made His Return

The theories that are surfacing after the release of the D23 trailer have been trying to desperately explain the laughter we hear at the end. Sheev Palpatine’s creepy laugh is heard and it has been confirmed by Abrams he will return. The resurrection of a Sith isn’t new to Star Wars; we all know that […]

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