The 2021 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is Available Now and is #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Probably one of the most exciting ways to countdown to Christmas is available now on the LEGO website, Amazon, and other retailers. The LEGO Advent calendars have proven to be very popular among fans, and the Star Wars one is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after sets. The 2021 calendar is based on the extremely […]

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“The Mandalorian” Receives 24 Emmy Award Nominations

After two very successful seasons and taking America by storm, The Mandalorian has received 24 Emmy Award Nominations. Two years in a row, the awards have recognized The Mandalorian, but this is a new feat. One episode alone, “Chapter 13: The Jedi”, received eight separate nominations, while other episodes, actors, and members of the team have been recognized […]

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Dave Filoni Promoted at Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch creator Dave Filoni has received a promotion in the Lucasfilm department. He has been a part of numerous different Star Wars projects, including the most-streamed show in America, The Mandalorian, as well as the upcoming Book of Boba Fett. There is no doubt that he will be a part of the other […]

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NEW Mos Eisley Cantina LEGO Set

There have been some incredible looking figures coming from LEGO and they have been helping to bring the Star Wars excitement into your home by getting hands-on and building your favorite ships, scenes, and characters. There are a bunch of mind-blowing sets that are perfect for any Star Wars fan, no matter the age. Well, […]

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The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu

Star Wars has been expanding itself into all mediums of entertainment. It has since the beginning, there was always a novelization and there have always been video games to pair with the movies and expand on the stories. Well, it is getting even larger now that the Sims 4 has a new expansion pack coming […]

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Disney Announces New Animated Show

The Clone Wars finale had blown absolutely everyone away and the updated animation and graphics had made everyone want more of The Clone Wars. We have Rebels, which is an incredible addition to Star Wars, it’s just not the same. The Clone Wars has so many components to it that allow it to show off the vastness of the Star […]

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May the 4th Disney+ Releases

National Star Wars Day will be full of new Star Wars content thanks to Disney. I’m sure by this point in quarantine all of us have finished watching all our favorite shows, plus just about everything else available to stream. We’ve been looking forward to the new episodes of The Clone Wars every Friday, but […]

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Kenobi Series Gets New Writer

Some great news has surfaced about the Kenobi series and it looks like the project will be moving forward and is set to get back on track. The highly anticipated show, ever since the Kenobi movie fell through, has had some delays, rewrites, and some other work done to it. But, it looks like we’ll […]

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The Ahsoka Tano Show

[Updated 4/8/20] Star Wars has already had a long run and it’s only going to get longer. The live-action shows that are scheduled to premiere on Disney+ will keep the spirit alive and bring Star Wars to every home weekly. The Mandalorian has already proved how successful that can be when it took the spot […]

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