The 2021 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is Available Now and is #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Probably one of the most exciting ways to countdown to Christmas is available now on the LEGO website, Amazon, and other retailers. The LEGO Advent calendars have proven to be very popular among fans, and the Star Wars one is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after sets. The 2021 calendar is based on the extremely popular show on Disney+, The Mandalorian, and it just dropped today. 

The set is $40. In the Advent calendar, there are different Minifigures, ships, weapons, and so much more. There are 24 doors featured on the set, so they will offer plenty of options. The Mandalorian-themed advent calendars will probably go quick, so we recommend snagging one before it’s too late because it is already the #1 best seller on Amazon. Yes, it is not Thanksgiving yet, or even Halloween, but these Advent Calendars have proven to be very popular in the past, and they are made and sold in a limited supply. 

The set has 335 pieces, and the box acts as a background to imagine epic battles in the Star Wars universe. 

Get one with free two day shipping at here at Amazon.

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