The Mandalorian Character List

Here is the character list for The Mandalorian that premiered on Disney+ November 12th

*The list will be updated weekly as each episode airs and new characters are introduced*

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Bounty Hunters

The Mandalorian; the main character for the show on Disney+
first ever live action star wars show

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is the main character for the new show. His name is Din Jarin and from his flashbacks he must have some sort of bad childhood involved with the Trade Federation invasions. There isn’t much known about him yet, but he fits the Mandalorian bounty-hunter stereotype from what we’ve seen in the trailer. He’s a lone wolf and a well-known entity in the galaxy. Perhaps we’ll see his story be revealed.

IG-11 the side-kick to the Mandalorian in the Disney show

IG-11 (Taika Waititi) is the droid bounty hunter that looks a lot like IG-88 from The Empire Strikes Back. He is seen spinning and shooting in the trailer and the first episode with a bunch of dead guys around him so its fair to say that he’ll be causing some damge. He’s parterned up with the Mandalorian for this bit as they agree to split the bounty, but he never gets his cut. They are in the same guild, but the first episode may have cut IG-11’s time short, as he got shot in the head to save the baby Yoda.

Twi'lek as a bounty hunter. This is an interesting alien species.

Twi’lek the Bounty Hunter (Natalia Tena) is unnamed so far and we don’t know what to expect. An interesting alien species that we’ll be able to get to know more of. Will she be a friend or foe? Also, thats Bill Burr’s bald head in the back.

Bill Burr's Character in the Mandalorian
Disney/ Lucasfilm

Bill Burr’s character in the Mandalorian. Judging by the firepower he’s got packing, he’s probably going to be a bounty hunter. He was originally seen with the Twi’lek bounty hunter in the first trailer, maybe they are a team.

Greef Marda the boss who hires the Mandalorian on the Disney+ show

Greef Carga (Carl Weathers) is the boss who hires Pascal’s character. He is the leader of the bounty hunter’s guild that The Mandalorian is in. He is the one who pays him and sends him on his jobs, excpet for when he connected him to Herzog’s character. He looks like he’ll be a recurring role and will be connecting us with a bunch of other bounty hunters.

Dominic Pace will be in the Mandalorian as Gekko, the bounty hunter

Gekko, the bounty hunter (Dominic Pace), will be another character in the Mandalorian. Do you guys think he’ll be a friend of The Mandalorian?


Werner Herzog and his role in the mandalorian. He had a one liner in the trailer, but it was memorable.

Werner Herzog’s character is still unnamed and the role undisclosed, we’ll call him the Baron. In an interview he shed a sliver of light on who he will be playing; “the villain” is all he said. He looks scary from the glimpse we got of him in the trailer. His allegiance is with the Empire and he has a gang of Storm Troopers with him at all times. He sent the Mandalorian on a mission to recover a 50-year-old tracer and the target was a huge surpirse. It will be exciting to see the role he’ll play. He’ll probably be the next great villain.

Dr. Pershing from the Mandalorian. He takes a huge interest in the target they send him on. He needs it alive.

Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi) is the doctor who is under the protection of the Baron. He takes a huge interest in the target they send him on; he needs it alive, what will it be for? He surprised the Mandalorian during the meeting with the Baron and that’s why we see him draw his guns. My guess is he will be an antagonist through out the show and I like those odds.

Moff Gideon the villain that we know so far for the Mandalorian

Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) was an Imperial solider before the Empire fell. He separated himself from the others because he’s intelligent, well-traveled, experienced AND he has his own squad of death troopers. He’ll most likely try to rebuild either the Empire or his position of power.

The Trandoshans fighting The Mandalorian

The Trandoshans fighting the Mandalorian while he escorting the baby back to his ship. They jumped him and outnumbered him, but he was still able to fight them off. This is an alien species common in the Star Wars lore, Bossk is the most famous.

The off world Jawas that stole the Mandalorian ship parts.

These are the off world Jawas that give the Mandalorian some trouble. They strip his ship off its parts and he has to go on a mission to get his parts back from them. They’re smart little creatures and close to our Jawa tribe.


Kuuil the Ugnaught in The Mandalorian

This Ugnaught’s name is Kuiil and he helped out the Mandalorian. He saved him from being attacked by two Bluurgs in the first episdoe and he helps train him to ride one. WIth out his help, he wouldn’t have been able to complete his bounty.

In episode 2 he helps the Mandalorian retrieve the stolen ship parts from the Jawas. He’s good with communicating with them. After they get the parts back he helps the Mandalorian put his ship back together. He’s a brilliant Ugnaught and an even harder worker.

His character is wise and friendly and he ultimately just wants peace. But who doesn’t? I have spoken.

The mandalorian Metalsmith. She smiths the Beskar into armor

This is the metalsmith in the Mandalorain first episode. She smiths the Beskar he gets for the job into a shoulder pad. She’s real eager to have some excess to use for the foundlings, who Din Jarin once was. They have a small moment where he refelcts on his background and has some flashbacks.

The baby Yoda species that the Mandalorian finds on his bounty for the Baron.

This little guy is the same species as Yoda. Unnamed in Star Wars canon, George Lucas did this intentionally for more mystery around the species. Will this show not only uncover mysteries about the Mandalorians, but Yoda’s species as well? In episode 2 he saved the Mandalorian from being trampled and he used the force, strongly. He will be an interesting character to see grow up.

Cara Dune with the Mandalorian. They look like they are a team

Cara Dune (Gina Carano) is a mercenary and ex-shock trooper from the civil war. She has some battle experience and we expect her to be a bounty-hunter trying to make a living after using the talents she acquired from the war. Judging from this shot we’ll see them team up to fight someone off.

Omera, Julia Jones' character in The Mandalorian

Omera (Julia Jones) is a friend of the Mandalorian. There isn’t much information on her yet, but she’s lived through the rise and fall of the Empire. I am excited to see how she becomes friends with the Mandalorian and Cara Dune.

Fennec Shand a character from the Mandalorian

Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) is a mercenary/assassin in The Mandalorian. We don’t know too much about her yet, like which side she’s on, but judging from her career, she’ll side with whoever can pay her the most. She has a history with action scenes since Wen has been in Agents of SHIELD, so she will be an exciting component to the show.


The Mythrol that the Mandalorian got on his first mission in the show

This is an unidentified Mythrol (Horatio Sanz) from the first episode of the Mandalorian. He is the first bounty that we see him catch. We never learned what he did for the Mandalorian to come after him, but he pleads for his life in exchange for credits, but of course it doesn’t work. On the ship he gets frozen in carbonite as he’s snooping around the ship. This was our first introduction to the Mandalorian’s personal carbonite freezing chamber.


The beast the Mandalorian fights in the second episode

This beast is unnamed so far, but it looks like the Reek Anakin had to fight in Attack of the Clones. Except, this ones horn comes from his nose and she only has one, the one Anakin had to fight had 3.

This is who we’ve seen in the trailer and episodes that Disney has released, so far. There is a Trailer Breakdown, a Trailer Breakdown II and a What to Expect, and Analysis for Episode one and two the first episode for more information. The first episode finally premiered and it was epic!

The character list will be updated as the episodes release and follow who each person is their space in the galaxy.

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